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Batman Begins

Woo! That was awesome! I'm all amped up now -- so of course no one is online.

*puts arms in the air ala crazed rock star person*

If you ask me - and I got an argument from my dad on this - BB is better than 'the original' with Keaton. That movie was so... superficial. I mean, you had to go in knowing about the mythos and the background for it to have any real impact; I know this because I saw it before I was sucked into JL and I saw it after, and I can tell you which time it made the bigger impression. Batman was just about a guy in a bat suit and a pretty lady and a bad dude with green hair. They tried to spice it up with making the Joker the murderer of Dr. and Mrs. Wayne, but it was still so very surface.

This movie, on the other hand, lets us spend time with Bruce's parents, especially his dad, allows us to see the murders in greater detail, and actually explores some of the psychology behind Bruce's transformation into The Bat, the physical and emotional toll of playing the Billionaire Playboy, and the fact that what makes Batman unique has more to do than what his costume looks like.

I've come to know the character through the cartoons, and I recognized Kevin Conroy's portrayal in Christian Bale's. I was also crazy-glad that Katie's Holmes character (who as far as I can tell has no basis in the comics) the tormented-by-her-love love interest for either Bruce or Batman (Kidman's character in the first movie = blech). For the most part she was just there to be rescued, but she also had a personality, she slapped Bruce around when he needed it and was the one to push him away, instead of the other way around, and I have respect for her because of that. Even though I think she's nuts. Cause dude. Bruce Wayne.

Dad is against the identification of Bruce Wayne as hunky/handsome. But come on, girls. He's Bruce Wayne.

Mmm, I'm sure I have some other thoughts here. But mostly I have just a big thumbs-up for the whole movie, the story and especially the cast. You all kicked ass!

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