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I posted this to GW, too. Let's see if it starts any kind of fun.

I can understand feeling let down by this episode if you didn't already know what was coming. However, knowing what I did about it - that it was a clip episode sans SG-1 - I can't say that it was *bad*,exactly. I simply wouldn't hold it to as high a standard as other episodes. That said, I think they did a good job with what they had. It's the closest thing we've gotten to a Hammond-focused episode, CC's performance was solid, and - regional accents and prefered beverages aside - I found the international wrangling interesting. I did find it a little unbelievable that the information would be initially disclosed to mere Ambassadors, but perhaps Tony Blair and the others were unavailable for filming ;)

With regards to equity and who was represented at the conference, I really have to agree. Not only were there no Canadians, there were also no women, only one minority (from a US perspective), and Thor was the only nudist! It's unpardonable!

I'm joking, of course ;)

Oh, and did anyone else find it amusing that Daniel actually *was*wallpaper in this episode? *bg*


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