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Oh yeah!

Less than a week until Batman Begins comes out!
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Hey, speaking of superheros, I watched an ep of Justic League Unlimited w/ my husband, and it was AWESOME. I guess I need to start watching. I have him to thank for hooking me on Stargate too. Married to scifi geek *g*
I'm not sure of the name. Green Arrow and Black Canary (??) are supposed to protect the mobster who killed Huntress's parents. Huntress is thrown out of the Justice League, but still hunts down the mobster, with the help of Question (??) They kiss at the end. I only saw the last 10 minutes, but it was good.
Oh yeah, that is a good one, although I'm biased towards episodes with the original seven. The first two seasons are soooo the best, and you should buy them on dvd (or download them) *g*
A friend of mine got to see the advanced preview and said the movie rocked</>