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In honor of my S2 Alias boxset hopefully being on its way tomorrow, I have a new layout... one that I'm actually pretty pleased with. I like the flexible squares layout, obviously, but I feel like it's tough to get a sense of balance with it. I feel that I have succeeded. It has an Alias theme, and a nice big cast promo for S4 with everyone looking badass :)

sjhw_tolerance, I got the zine today. It looks beauty-full! Thank you so much for all your hard work -- and that goes to everyone to contributed. We make an awesome product!

Tomorrow I am going to:
- Go to work (at 8am *cries*)
- Not attempt to kill any customers
- Remember to take all the pills that I am supposed to take
- Post to museprod
- Write at least a page of Chase
- Go to Shelby's concert thingy

Okay. Let's see how that goes.

ETA: New mood icons! This set is from The Princess Bride -- a classic if there ever was one, donchaknow -- which I acquired at this lovely mood theme site, which I will so be revisiting in the future. Although sorry, yamadara -- no House. I looked.
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