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"Choo see that beeg house, Pablo? I tell choo thees as a father to a son: Never beeld chor house on the side of a heel. Choo wanna know why? Erosion, Pablo. Choo beeld chor beeg fancy hacienda up there, theenking choo some beeg hot shot, then choo cut down all the trees blocking chor view, and then one day, after a hard rain, THE WHOLE ENCHILADA COMES SLIDING DOWN THE HEEL! Choo understand me, Pablo? I tell these reech gringos all the time, 'DON' CUT DOWN CHOR TREES!!!" But they don' leesten to Raoul. They juss laugh and say 'Shut up and clean the pool, choo stupid greaseball!' But we'll see who is estupid when their beeg fancy casa comes crashing down the heel, won't we, Pablo?"

"My name is Larry," I reminded him.

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