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Alias: So It Begins

The second episode, and he soooo has a thing for her. Hee.

Weiss: "Your girlfriend's name is Alice."
Vaughn: "Shut up."

On a less-silly note, it's very interesting seeing the differences between S1-Sydney and the S4-Sydney I've gotten to know. S1 is more emotional, for sure.

When it comes to ticking time bombs, why does it come down to what color the wires are? If I was a bad guy, I would make all of the wires purple with green stripes.

S1 Jack's face is less chubby... it makes his mouth look not-so-freakishly small.

Aww, they're pulling Vaughn off Bristow. I mean the Bristow case.

*shudders at the look of Sloane's beady little eyes*

I love how they make sure to mention that Sydney "has friends in the Middle East" right after they introduce the Middle Eastern bad guy.

Ooh, nice cliffhanger.

Time for Parity.

Poor Sydney... spying and hard-ass professors.

I'm hungry. I should really pause this and go get some food.

Ack... the first mention of Rimbaldi.

Aww, she's sad that he's being replaced. And he's ranting to Eric about protocol and the big meaniehead CIA and Wiess sees right through him. Out in the open UST -- how much do I love it?

LOL, and of course the replacement guy is a big old perv.
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