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Woo... the Minuteman Project is organzing a California Border Watch to commence on August 1, "for an indefinite time". Awesome :)

The MinuteMan Project seeks volunteers to continue bringing national awareness to the illegal alien invasion crisis imperiling the United States.

Operation Spotlight will be directed at the deliberate neglect of immigration and tax law enforcement by America's elected and appointed public officials and other persons and businesses who routinely violate these laws. It will also focus on the one-half TRILLION dollar annual tax evasion that accompanies these illegal activities, which deficit is unfairly passed on to American citizen taxpayers.

Volunteers for this effort will be recruited from the public pool of former investigators and prosecuting attorneys from the Criminal Investigation Divisions of the Internal Revenue Service (IRS), The Bureau of Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE), other law enforcement organizations, and from the private legal sector.

I totally cheer these guys on. I only wish I lived closer to the border so that I could do something physically.
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I had wished I could go join them in southern AZ actually! Obviously, I'm not against immigration *g* But I am firmly opposed to those who do it illegally.

Apparently, fights broke out at a recent Minuteman event in Vegas. Perhaps not surprisingly, it wasn't the Minutemen who began the trouble.
Oh yeah, nothing against legal immigration. And as for the Vegas event -- gee, so not surprised.