Which is exactly why I will never, ever vote for a Democrat, even if there's no Libertarian opposition and his/her Republican opponent is a moronic creep. The entire party has worked themselves into the highly weird and self-destructive position of only "succeeding" when America fails.

"See! America sucks and we're all going to die in poverty!! Vote for us! Vote for us!"

I really don't understand what they're thinking.
And see, I'm going to do this really, reallu odd thing, ya know...

Vote for the most qualified candidate, whether Democrat, Republican, Independent, male, female, whatever...

Yeah, well... before you stalk off in a self-righteous huff, you may want to actually read what I wrote.

I *used* to do what you're describing. Especially being a Libertarian... we rarely have candidates for all offices (and, quite frankly, I tend to not care for some of the people we do put up).

But you know what? The Democrats have proven, especially recently in my state, that THEY don't have any problem voting in lockstep on *everything*... and that, as I just said above, the party has quite literally set itself up so that the only way their platform wins is if America fails.

No matter how much I may love a particular candidate, until things in the Democrat party change, I'm not going to vote for him or her if the ultimate result is yet another drone in office who votes straight down the party line for policies that guarranty the "success" of that party's platform, because it's not a platform I can support.
Aha!! You know, nmissi was wondering how I'd found allisnow's LJ and I was completely befuddled... I kept thinking it was through CJ or one of my other fandoms. But I'm pretty sure she commented to something on your LJ and I followed the link, once upon a time.

I don't know why, but it makes me feel better, knowing how the friending pathways went. :-)
Given the complete voter apathy in this country, I can't see that happening somehow. Even Tony Blair got re-elected last month.

On a half-related note... I had to chuckle when Chavez of Venezuela reckoned he'd be in power longer than Bush. Apparently, he doesn't know the two-term limit exists in this country... unlike in other countries, like his!