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Can't sleep. Phhff.

And my alarm is going to go off in about... five and a half hours. Ew.

Oh well. At least I can come back home afterwards and go back to sleep.

About halfway into The Courtship of... and it's definitely gotten more complex than two guys fighting over one woman. I'm not sure I like Leia's characterization as far as this goes, because I'd like to think she knows her mind a little better than this and that her attachment to Han - she said "I love you" first for crying out loud - was more than just a "We're in dire straits and I feel the need to have hots for the first good-looking guy I'm not related to" thing. Especially considering how devoted he is to her.

If you think about their relationship in the movies, though, it's funny... it's infamously antagonistic, and rather they clash because they have UST or they have UST because they clash is kind of a matter of opinion. Is that why so many people seem to equate characters' bickering (i.e. Jack and Daniel) with them having The Hots For Each Other? They're not arguing because they have two different points of view, but because they are subliminating (I love that word) their Fordbidden Lust?

Hell if I know. It's almost 230 in the morning and I spent most of the day eating.

One more time now:

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Not sleeping is sucky. But five an a half hours is about what I get most nights, so I can't say I'm all that sympathetic. ;)
There's a lot of folks out there who really don't like Courtship at all. Somehow, Dave Wolverton just didn't figure out how to write the relationship between Han and Leia
Interesting. I guess, being a newbie, I'm just not that discriminating ;)

Sometimes... it's nice knowing zip about a fandom.