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Episodes II, III and IV

So I saw Episode III yesterday, and came home and (after the 24 finale) watched Episode IV. Wow. I'll never be able to watch the first three movies again without getting a chill. Because really, for the last thirty years we've cheered Luke and the gang as they fought the mean guy in the black helmet... but now we know who's inside that helmet, really, and how he got there -- the manipulation, the pain, the betrayal and all the rest.

- I wish they had been able to incorporate Han Solo into the movie somehow, like they did with Chewie. Obviously he would just be a little kid, but they could have had some random guy on a ship be his dad. Like, "Hey, Lt. Solo, get me some coffee!" Heehee. I want to know, though, how he and Chewie met up.

- The biggest discrepancy I saw in Episode IV was Obi-Wan's reaction when he saw R2. First he calls him "my little friend" which makes you wonder if he recognized him. But then he acts like he has no idea what R2 is talking about: "I don't remember ever owning any droids." Was he playing dumb, or just senile? *g*

- At the end of Episode III C3PO's memory is erased, but nothing is ever said about erasing R2's. Which explains why he was such a stubborn little cuss in episode IV, even when 3PO is telling him off. R2 knows all, sees all!

- The confrontation between Darth Vader and Obi-Wan at the end of Episode IV takes on a whole new dimension. The fight isn't just about "you're my old master and you're on my ship and I'm going to show you, pal". Obi-Wan effectively helped to create Darth Vader (by fighting him, maiming him and not killing him when he had the chance -- and when he should have), Vader still sees him as a bad guy, a betrayer of him personally as well as all of his ideals, and this final fight is about revenge.

- The lightsaber fight in Episode IV, by the way, seemed so lame after all the awesome fighting in Episodes II and III. Heh.

- Obviously the storm troopers in IV, V and VI are no longer the clones of Fett Sr. For one, they don't all have the same accent *g* Makes sense when you think about it. Even if a million or two clones were made prior to the war, a whole lot of them got killed. The Empire would need to replenish their stock. Either the cloners said "nope, we're not making you anymore, short people" or the Empire found it easier just to recruit your typical henchmen to do the job.

- I think they should have made Uncle Owen and his wife a little older in Episode III. Cause otherwise they aged really poorly in the twenty or so years since they took on Luke. He must have been a little hellion.

- Obi-Wan tells Luke that Owen thought Ani should have "stayed home and not gotten involved". Is he making that up to explain Owen's animosity towards Ani? Cause when Ani comes to Tatoonine in Episode II to find and then bury his mother's body, I can't see Owen telling him, "Hey bro, why don't you stay here with us, hang out, harvest some moisture, and not get involved in this whole messy thing". Uh, no.

- Speaking of which, in Episode IV we don't see those three headstones (one being Shmi's) that we saw in Episode II. What gives, Owen?

Okay, I think that's it for now. I want to watch Episode V before I go to work at 6p, so I'm sure I'll have some more commentary then.
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