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Is it just me, or lately do people seem extra... I dunno, pissed off?

At the pedicure party I went to last night, I had a gal tell me (1) that I have very soft feet and (2) that I'm a very laid-back person. I wasn't quite sure what to say to (1). But aside from my occassional spouts of vitriol against certain liberals, Mexican presidents and my webhost, I do think generally I enjoy and appreciate my life, my country and world, even though it is full-to-the-brim with utter morons.

Anyway, I've decided to be extra-cheerful today to compensate for all the other bad mojo going around. This is no small feat when one has to be to work at 7:45am.

Which is in... 25 minutes. Better get going.

Oh -- while I'm on the topic of being happy, the last two episodes of Alias have made it a good day to be a Syd/Vaughn shipper! No way of knowing how long it'll last, so I'm going to enjoy it while I can!
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Is it just me, or lately do people seem extra... I dunno, pissed off?

Personally, I'd go with 'volatile'... but yes, I'd have to agree. I thought it was me being super-sensitive, but perhaps it isn't...

how close are we to the full moon???

My mommade a comment on me being bitchy last night and i just thought i was a bit less laid back and a bit more 'dude, get out of my way, i got things to do and places to be'
Well my wife has commented that I've been extra grouchy of late. I really have no idea why though.

Good move on being cheerful. But 0745? That's late. I've usually been at work for 45 minutes by then. ;)