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More Justice League

I feel the need to analyze these episodes in the context of the season arc. I have mentioned I like arcs, right?

Task Force X

The basics: Four baddies are spared their prison sentences by Waller and Cadmus in return for stealing a big honkin' machine of war from the Watchtower.

The arc: Cadmus lost one of their group, but they got the Annihilator. And it shows how vulnerable the League has become. In creating a larger Watchtower with more members and an extensive support staff, they have taken on a great deal of risk. The Cadmus group could never have gotten onto the Watchtower in the old days, when there were only the main seven. As Jonn tells John at the end, they can't really trust anybody.

The Balance

The basics: Felix Faust's spirit takes over the Annihilator and uses it to put Hell under new management, throwing the balance of chaos and order into, well, disorder. The gods charge Diana to fix things. She wants to take Shayera's mace, which is made of a metal that disrupts magic, and grudgingly ends up taking Shayera along as well. After Hippolyta awakens the extra-special properties of Diana's armor and lasso (like the fact that it can make someone tell the truth!) they rescue Hades who kicks Faust's butt.

The arc: This isn't really part of the Cadmus arc -- more like the Shayera arc that's been going on ever since Starcrossed. Flash tries to get Diana and Shayera on speaking terms again - even though Diana claims that she forgave Shayera "a long time ago" things are still very icy between them. It takes them backing each other up on this mission to really bring back the "oil and vinegar" bond they had. On the Diana front, it's cool that her lasso can multi-task now. Even more interesting: the insinuation from Hades that he is her father. Diana says she doesn't give a rat's patootie, but...

Double Date

The basics: Huntress is in trouble for trying to kill the guy who killed her father. She tricks the Question into helping her. Green Arrow and Black Canary are helping the feds protect said bad guy, who is going to squeal on other bad guys. Bad guy tries to escape, the four of them beat up on each other a little. Huntress ends up not killing the guy, just putting him back in jail, and Question admits that he helped her because he likes her. In the words of Dinah: Ew, that's just wrong.

The arc: In a general sense, again we see the dangers of having such a large group in the Justice League. Huntress is actually asked to turn in her badge and gun, so to speak, after trying to kill the bad guy in the teaser. Revenge is not okay. The League also spends a fair amount of time beating up on each other here, because the more people you have involved the more conflicting agendas you're going to end up with. You also have the fact that superheroes can't hang out without hooking up. Heheheh.

Hunter's Moon

The basics: The JL gets a distress call from some aliens whose planet is about to explode because of a chain reaction in some wacky metal. Shayera identifies it as the same weird metal her mace - and all Thanagarian technology - is made of. She offers to go, and to go alone, but Jonn nixes that idea. He sends Vixen and Vigilante as well, much to John's dismay. There is snarkage about Shayera's traitorous past, especially after it's discovered the whole thing was a trap set by a last surviving group of Thanagarians, who lost their war after the events in Starcrossed. Also, Hro died. They get out of it and Vixen and Shayera spend some girl time talking about John. Shayera basically tells Vixen that she and John did the nasty back when. The file blips, but long story short both the women have feelings for him.

The arc: And he still has feelings for both of them. That's my assumption, anyway, even though Vixen accuses him of not taking her out in a month, and he's pretty much a cold fish around her (even though he refers to her as his girlfriend). I imagine he's still trying to process the events of Once and Future, especially the whole meeting-his-and-Shayera's-son thing. Of course that's only one possible future. But come on -- Rex was so cool! This takes us back to the Shayera/trust arc - Vigilante and Vixen both have some hard feelings - as the Thanagarians focus is on taking their revenge on her. On an upside, Jonn refers to Shayera as a team leader.

The Clash

The basics: Captain Marvel has a man-crush on Superman. Unfortunately, he also wants to believe that Lex is a good guy. Lex manipulates this situation to make Superman look like more of a putz than usual.

The arc: Waller has her hands in everything, doesn't she? This whole thing was a ploy to make Superman look like a jackass, and it worked. Marvel, who played into Lex's hands, ends his man-crush and quits the Justice League because he doesn't think they're heroes after all. Man, the League just can't catch a break, can they? Good news: Shayera is once again included at the founding member's table!

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