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There are new episodes of Justice League! Sort of.

New eps start airing on Cartoon Network this weekend. Five of them so far have aired in Canada, and I'm in the progress of downloading them. Episode descriptions come from

They are:

Task Force X: "Five incarcerated super villains are offered suspended sentences if they can survive an impossible mission: steal a deadly weapon from the Watchtower." Haven't finished this one yet as it isn't a priority. Sounds like one of the more guest star-centered episodes, although Michael Rosenbaum does voice a character (not Flash) for the MR-obsessed among us.

The Balance: When Felix Faust escapes the magical mirror in which he was imprisoned by Tala, Wonder Woman and Hawkgirl must go to Tartarus where Faust has overthrown Lord Hades and claimed the place as his own. Dude, this one can't finish downloading soon enough! Faust and Hippolyta and Michael Weiss as Jason Blood and Juliet Landau as Tala... weee! And Diana and Shayera working together again? *claps*

Double Date: Green Arrow and Black Canary must stop the Question and the Huntress from killing organized crime lord Steven Mandragora. Hm. Could be interesting. If memory serves, this is one of the episodes that was pushed back so the Season 3 finale could be "Once and Future Thing" which was a good choice. Although Canary and Arrow are cute.

Hunter's Moon: When Shayera, Vigilante, and Vixen respond to a deep space distress call, they're led into a deadly trap. Shayera has seen John's underwear... drawer. Isn't this show supposed to be child-friendly? In any case, there's a very inconvenient 'blip' at the end of this episode, but it makes me hopeful nevertheless! It's also sparked some good conversation on the forum about the Shayera/John/Mari triangle and which of the three is the least stupid. John is losing, but probably because the forum is mostly made up of women.

The Clash: Captain Marvel, the World's Mightiest Mortal, joins the Justice League as Lex Luthor initiates a new plot. The whole episode is really just a reason to drive one more punch into the League's cut. Man, they just can't cut a break this season. But I like the fact that they're still building the season as an arc of trust problems and the danger of a group as powerful as the JL. I like arcs.

More jabbering soon to come, once I see a few more of these ;)

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