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A survey to be released Monday reveals a wide gap on many media issues between a group of journalists and the general public.

It's shocking!

And even more so:
Asked who they voted for in the past election, the journalists reported picking Kerry over Bush by 68% to 25%.

Of course none of that ever comes through in their reporting. Nope. Nada. Zip.
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Well, if you look at things like the 60 Minutes and Newsweek debacles, you could say that in a way the press has too much freedom -- they don't use their rights in a responsible way. The press can say whatever they want without worrying about the consequences. I think it's safe to say that's an awful lot of "freedom" without saying "I want to take that freedom away".
I'm not sure if I'm for limiting the freedom of the press, I mean who can we trust to do the limiting? But I do think that 'freedom' doesn't mean there is no accountability.
I'm not for limiting either. Like you said, who can you trust to do it? But I think that the people who were surveyed feel that in this case "too much freedom" meant "freedom to act without impunity".