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God help me, but I'm partly tempted to offer to review for GW. I just caught myself thinking out the opening lines of a Smoke & Mirrors review.

I think part of it is the fear that Darren will pick someone I can't stand. And then there's the appeal of having a forum to foist my interpretation upon an unwilling public, < insert required evil laughter here >.

Just have to keep reminding myself... don't have time... don't have time... don't have...


Hey Ann, if you happen to talk to Darren... ask if he'd be receptive?

*smacks head on desk*
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You *so* know you want to! Besides, if you can BS an essay in such a short time, there's plenty of room for reviews. I'll even let you off doing Babylon for a while if you do reviews ;)
I'm all for somebody who isn't going to turn every second sentence into a Daniel-should-be-here or Jonas-is-bad tirade. Go for it :)