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See, this is why I would never vacation in Mexico. I don't care if they have nice beaches. They're majorly screwed up in the cabeza and I wouldn't use my hard-earned money to patronize them.
Mexico is to make a formal complaint to the US over tough new immigration measures signed into law by President George W Bush on Wednesday.

Re: tough new immigration measures: it's about freaking time!
The new law will allow a border fence to be completed in the Californian city of San Diego to deter illegal migrants.

*horrified* Not that! Not a fence! For the love of God, Mr. President, where is your humanity?!
It also makes it harder for people living illegally in the US to obtain driving licences.

Mexico's President Vicente Fox and Interior Minister Santiago Creel have said it will harm bilateral relations.

Harm them worse than a government-issued brochure explaining to people how to cross illegally into the US without being caught? Dumbasses.
Millions of Mexicans live in the US, many of them without legal documentation, and Mr Fox said it was his duty to defend them.

He said Mexico would make "a firm and formal complaint against the option that has nothing to do with the harmonious development of relations between the US and Mexico".

A firm complaint? Whopty-s***. What are you going to do next? Call the UN?
Mr Creel, who announced on Thursday that he would seek to succeed Mr Fox as president, said the new law was "overly extreme".

"Overly extreme"? Need to work on the English a little bit there, amigo.
The interior minister added that Mexico had given assistance to the Washington in stopping Central Americans crossing its territory to enter the US and had received "absolutely nothing" in return.

What kind of retard is this guy? "Hey, we enforced our own laws, and in return we expected you not to enforce yours". This is just further proof that marijuana rots your brain.
Many Republicans in the US Congress have been pressing for a clampdown on illegal immigration since the 11 September 2001 attacks. They argue that poor security on the Mexican border could be used by terrorist groups to move their members into the US.

It's not just from Republicans, but after all this is coming from BBC.
Senior Mexican and US officials met in January to discuss border security and a proposed immigration deal.

The two failed to make progress on a programme to give Mexicans a right to work temporarily in the US.

*bangs head on desk*

Maybe I'm just unimaginative. But I fail to see how this country can be expected to relax its immigration laws in the face of the tremendous toll that illegals take on it, especially the border states. Yeah, I've heard all the crap about how Mexican illegals do jobs in the US that "not even blacks want to do" (brilliant move there, Vicente). It's BS. It's beside the point. You want to come to this country, you do it legally. You try to sneak in, you should be booted out. End of story.

ETA: Brilliance from Lee:
Building a wall might not make for great neighbors, but it sure as hell keeps the guy next door from coming over to your house and stealing stuff, doesn't it? Besides, the secretary just let the cat out of the bag when he said that Mexican illegals in the US "send remittances home here." That's the clincher. Mexican illegals working in the US send billions of dollars back home to Mexico. This money is propping up the Mexican economy. It's income that Mexico does not have to do anything to generate.

The problem isn't growing immigration, it's growing ILLEGAL immigration. And this statement proves my point. Mexico isn't doing anything to encourage development in their own country. Their government is astonishingly corrupt. There are a number of things Mexico and Central America could be doing to encourage development there themselves, but it's much easier to rely on illegals sneaking into the United States than it is to reform your own corrupt system.

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