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Cause a couple different people have foisted this on me...

1. Total number of films I own on DVD/video: Oh geeze, are you really going to make me go count? I don't have very many, because I'm cheap. Maybe a dozen, not counting four seasons of Stargate, plus a bunch of blank tapes full of SG1 episodes ;)

2. The last film I bought: National Treasure, just the other day.

3. The last film I watched: At the movie theatre -- Sahara. It took me a while to remember that because it's somewhat close in tenor to National Treasure, I think. At home on DVD -- National Treasure, of course, cause if I bought it I'm gonna watch it. At home on TV -- a smoochy predictable Hallmark movie called Love Comes Softly with Katherine Heigl, who I like, even if her new show looks too silly to watch.

4. Five films that I watch regularly a lot or that mean a lot to me:

A League of their Own -- Even though Rosie O'Donnell and Madonna are in it, I just love this movie. It's about baseball and kick-ass girls and I have good memories of watching it with my Grandma. And it has Don S Davis and Bill Pullman. Dude!

Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade -- Harrison Ford. Sean Connery. Evil Nazis. What's not to like?!

The Matrix -- The second and especially the third were pretty lame. But the first was just awesome.

Terminator 2 -- Classic. I always cry at the end.

Independence Day -- Bill Pullman, and Will Smith -- oh, and Jay Acavone! -- and aliens and comedy and action and come on, what else do you want in a movie? This one makes me cry too, when the First Lady dies.

5. Five people you're passing this on to, and why:

Um, I haven't been paying attention to who's done this one. So sjhw_tolerance, kismatt, genie, wardragon and mylo1012 -- if you haven't done this meme yet, do it! Because I said so!
already did it, but i gues the last watched film changed

1. 50 dvd, over 100 videos (but i all left them at my parents house since i gave them my vcr anyway)

2. last movie bought: been a while, I think oceans 11 (and some music dvd's)
3. Last movie watched : The Jacket

4. Five films that mean a lot to me :
a) Sleepers (pay back is a beautiful thing when done right)
b) Higher learning (wanting to belong to a group makes you do drastic things)
c) Eight millimeter ("If you dance with the devil, the devil wont change, devil changes you" , that quote from the movie sums it up the best)
d) Dead poets society (the whole theme was great)
e) American history X (hate and ignorence leads to violence)
I can prob come up with some others if i would remember the titles;)

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