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Miscellaneous Part II

Back at school... class in about 15 minutes. I called Dad's cell when I got here and he and Mom were about 5 minutes away from home. She was having some pain, so he was going to go fill her percription at the supermarket. Don't know if I certain "eeevil" delivery had made it there yet, but the Disco Bay florist did call around... 2pm asking for directions. Seems my street isn't on the map, which probably means the map was created in the 1950s or something ;)

As a follow-up to my last post, and something Jen (man, can that girl argue or what?) said on GW -- why do people throw around terms like "abused" so easily? I mean, in fandom we have our own terms for slappage and everything, such as being 'flamed', so why do people feel the need to overdramatize and characterize someone disagreeing with them as abuse? As long as it doesn't resort to baseless insults, I don't see the problem.

And everything I've seen that's "anti-Daniel" or "anti-MS" has been pretty well based ;)
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