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Someone's been watching too much 24. Incorrectly-translated 24, probably.
MAASTRICHT, Netherlands (Reuters) - Dutch police arrested six activists on Sunday who said they wanted to enter President Bush's Netherlands hotel and look for the suitcase which allows him to activate nuclear weapons.

"We heard Bush carries a nuclear suitcase and can push the red button at any time to set off atomic weapons. We find this extremely shocking," said Leo de Groot, a spokesman for the activist group.


What's more amusing?

(1) That these guys have just recently heard of the nuclear football
(2) That they think you can push a button and launch warheads whenever it strikes your fancy
(3) Suitcase?
The activists, carrying binoculars and wearing signs that identified them as "citizen's inspectors," mimicking the International Atomic Energy Agency's weapons inspectors,

...but not as incompetant...
were caught by Dutch soldiers as they approached Bush's hotel.

In a separate incident, an amateur photographer seriously hurt himself on Saturday by falling onto a spiked fence as he tried to photograph the tight security arrangements around the hotel, police said.

You know what the best part of the tight security arrangments are? The spiked fences! Mwah.
Hundreds of Dutch protesters rallied on Saturday in Amsterdam and Maastricht to protest against Bush who visited a U.S. military cemetery in the southern Netherlands on Sunday to pay tribute to the Americans who died in World War II.

He should have been, like, "yo, Dutch peeps, I'm just here for the dead American heroes. And the gravy."
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