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So I should actually be leaving for school right about now, for my final Reading and Assessment class, which is probably one of the less useful classes I've ever taken, and apparently all we were going to be doing this evening was turning in our notebooks and a course evaluation. Well hell. I don't need to drive 70 miles round trip with gas at $2.53/gallon to turn in a workbook and evaluation. So when I went in last Thursday for the final meeting of my other class, I left my notebook in her office and left the evaluation in a classmate's mailbox. Ta-da!

I really don't care if missing class knocks me down to a B or something either. I'm just a bad, bad girl.

So I went into the first grade classroom this morning, but other than that I have the whole day free. I hardly know what to do with myself. Well -- actually, that's a lie. I'm a black belt in time-wasting.

I finished both Dan Brown's Digital Fortress and Terry Goodkind's Wizard's First Rule.

Digital FortressCollapse )

Wizard's First RuleCollapse )

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