Alli Snow (allisnow) wrote,
Alli Snow

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Woo, I'm on my computer at school, using the school wireless network. I always feel sneaky for some reason when I do this.

The speed isn't so great - only about 11Mbps - but hey, it's wireless! And I don't have to use a Mac to be online!

*throws confetti*

The only downside is that I'm in the School of Education lobby, where there are no easily assessible outlets, so I'm running off battery, meaning that my screen is darker than usual. *squints*

Anyhoo. I brought the Big Gigantic Computer along today so I could write. Yeah, let's see if that actually happens.

Oh yeah...

Okay, that was boring. Also pointless. Call me unimpressed, and also vaguely grossed out.

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