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Who needs sleep?

*hums along with Barenaked Ladies because it's too late to actually be remembering lyrics*

So I did get paid today after all... and I have to say, after my first taste of paying taxes, I'm not incredibly impressed ;) But so be it. If Social Security still exists when that time rolls around, I can be happy knowing I was adding to it at age 19. Hee. Work was fairly painless, especially since I got off at 430. Tamera was there, too, and she's probably the person there I'm most friendly with. I think we have a similar sense of humor, scary as that might be. Plus it's just nice having someone to hang with where you're not constantly reminding yourself "They're in high school". Speaking of high schoolers, I didn't see MiniJonas there today... although he might have been working box. Pity. ;)

And, ok, I lied last night about being happy with the quietness of fandom. At least in part, because I very much enjoyed reading the tumult over at GateGoers. Way to go Richard and Fryn. I feel much more comfortable knowing that the two of them at least acknowledge the TSers as the troublemaking freaks that they are. And I say that with much, much love.
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