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Constantine Knocked off 'American Idol'


Dude had creepy eyes, ugly hair and very little talent. I'm glad to see him go, although the fact that Scott is still on is... inexplicable. I'm rooting for Carrie and Bo, although neither are as talented as Kelly. You can't compare any of the subsequent winners to her, really.

On my second day of antibiotics and I feel better. Off to school tomorrow - for the last time this semester! - and then back to work this weekend.

I got two books at BN this weekend: Digital Fortress by Dan Brown and Wizard's First Rule by Terry Goodkind. The cashier told me that WFR is his favorite book of all time. I'm a couple chapters in and it's pretty good... not great - too much long exposition, some awkward sentences and slightly stilted dialogue - and it's certainly no Kushiel's Dart. But it has potential. The Dan Brown book had its highs and lows - again, too much explanation and exposition - but I'll be interested in reading some of his other stuff.

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