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Wrote a few more paragraphs of my non-fic story. It's not the best thing I've ever written, but at the same time I do feel a definite pride that I'm writing in my own universe, not borrowing somebody else's. I'm giving my heroine a life and a backstory as I go, probably writing too much about her backstory in one go, but there's always rewriting after I get it all down. Note I said after, not if. I'm being optimistic. Tomorrow I will attempt to introduce the next new character. I feel kind of silly taking it so slow, considering I've written hundred-page epics in the past, but this is different and I think a slow but steady approach is for the best.

Been incommunicado today (yesterday?) on account of being sick. It started Saturday night -- I went in for my four hour work shift feeling a little assaulted by allergies but otherwise okay, and got progressively worse. By the time I left it hurt to swallow, talk, or anything else involving the throat/ears part of my anatomy. Last night I felt absolutely crappy. This morning wasn't much better, so I called in sick and spent the day sleeping. Mom made chicken soup, and I gargled every couple hours. Between everything, I feel much better, although not a hundred percent. I don't think I'll need to see the doctor - unless it persists - and I'm going to go to school tomorrow unless I have an overnight relapse. I have, however, called in sick to the elementary school I work at two mornings a week... left a note on the school's voice mail. The teacher told me that I don't need to give prior notice, and she's very cool and flexible about all things, and I know that it's not much notice, but I just feel too weird about simply not showing up when I'm expected.

The semester is almost over. What else can I say about that other than -- yippie!

Anyhoo, I guess that's my nightly update. Time to go see if I can actually go to bed after sleeping about 2/5 of the day away.

Oh, just remembered. Been reading the synopses of some of Dan Brown's novels at Amazon - starting with The DaVinci Code, since it's gotten such good press - and I'm thinking about giving him a try. Does anyone have any reccs? I'd prefer to start out with a paperback... I don't want to blow $25 on a hardcover of an untried author. But really, I need something to hold me over until Koontz's new stuff comes out.

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