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I was going to work on Mirror tonight (such is the working title of my as-yet unwritten story). Then the cat knocked over my water fountain and I totally lost my focus.

At least that's my excuse for the time being.

Yeah, I know. Blame the cat.

I can't put this off much longer. Right now the story is in its mutation stage, which is actually a good stage to be in. Usually, when I start writing from the first inkling of inspiration, I don't reach the mutation stage until about halfway through, which is where the interesting (at least I think they're interesting) twists and turns start to be born. Right now, I know what twists and turns I want to incorporate, which is handy because then I can start dropping hints right from the beginning. Hopefully not enough to give away the plot, but enough so that when people finish and find out the Truth they'll smack themselves in the forehead (not too hard) and say "Doh! How did I not see that coming?"

If I wait too long, however, the story moves into the lethal festering stage. And really. Nobody wants that.
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This is your non fandom story?

Can't wait to see it. Tell kitty to behave.