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Revelations hour 2: Interesting stuff. Is he or isn't he? I like how they're building up the reporte between Massey and Sister Jo without losing sight of the fact that she is a devoted nun and he is still in a very dark place in his life. Although I'm sure I could ship them if I tried just a little. Heck, after shipping Phedre and Josclin, anything is possible.

Speaking of which, Kushiel author Jacqueline Carey is working on the 2nd book of her upcoming Imriel trilogy, but says the 1st won't be out til 2006. Waahh! I've been thinking about going back and rerereading the Kushiel books, but it's so hard to not skip ahead to the interesting/shippy parts (which are usually one and the same). (Edited to add: I mean, the really interesting stuff doesn't even start until after xxxxxxxx and xxxxx are dead). Of course if you don't follow along with all the pain and heartache and angst, the shippy bits aren't half as satisfying. The delayed gratification in Kushiel's Chosen, for example -- yikes! JC is either wonderful beyond words or evil. Probably both :D

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