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So I'm catching up on my friends list because I didn't get online after I got home from work yesterday. I had a headache and was just plain pooped. I barely stayed awake for Blind Justice. So I had several pages to read this morning. I suspected at least a handful of posts would be Pope-related, because that was the big news of the day yesterday and with one billionish people in the world being Catholic... well, it's a big issue, even if (according to the news reports I've heard) this Pope's opinions on a lot of the big issues don't differ greatly from JP2's. Which makes sense... the Papacy isn't a two-party system like in US politics, where you have two candidates from two different ends of the political spectrum. And since JP2 was by all reports a popular guy who attracted a lot of people and good PR to the Catholic church, and was pretty much a traditionalist (again, I'm just going by what I've heard via the news) it makes sense that they wouldn't elect a guy whose first order of business would be to preside over a gay marriage.

Anyway, imagine my surprise to see posts by alliesings, lightningbaron, reality_hammer and mylo1012 refering to such an outpouring of hatred for Benedict XVI by the left... and actually seeing an example of such on my flist... well, that made me rather sad.

I'm pretty confused, actually. This is the Catholic church. What did people expect?
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Conservatives elected/etc = End of world

Liberals elected/etc = time to gloat

Excuse me for chiming in, but to be fair, I've seen it work both ways. Neither side is innocent of that sort of behaviour.

What did people expect?

Apparently something completely different.

What gets me though is that nobody knows yet what this guy is going to do. For all they know he could back off on the hardline doctrine now that he's Pope and have someone else be the enforcer, the same way he worked with JP2. We have to wait and see.

From where I'm standing, the Roman Catholic church is doing the right thing in making sure they're on a firm doctrinal footing. :)
I think Pope Benedict XVI is going to surprise both his supporters and especially his naysayers/critics. In his first mass today he said his primary goals are the unification of all Christians and to reach out to other religions even more as Pope John Paul II did. Hardly the intolerant stuff we were guaranteed by the critics to hear/get from this "Nazi Hardliner Pope".
That was exactly what I was thinking - based on what he'd said this am, he definitely seems to be taking a different tone than what people expected of the "Panzer Pope".

It's not at all unusual though for someone to behave differently when in a leadership role than when in a subordinate role. Obviously JP2 wanted him to take that hard line, as it allowed JP2 to offer a more conciliatory tone. Now that he has the top job, he could easily do a similar thing.
I've wondered (and this is only my personal opinion) if some of this is because JP2 was so well liked and had been around for such a long time. So much so that people tended to forget where he actually stood on certain issues.

Either that, or they had totally given up on trying to change him and were hoping (unrealistically) for a change with the new guy.

(I'm not a Catholic, BTW, so it isn't really anything to do with me.)
JP2 was so well liked and had been around for such a long time. So much so that people tended to forget where he actually stood on certain issues.

Bingo. That and he was so warm and charismatic and sympathetic that people were able to ignore his hardline stances on church doctrine. Ratzinger was John Paul II's "right hand man". Their thinking were essentially mirrors to each other. But no one knows, and a lot of people don't like, Ratzinger-now-Benedict XVI, so he's got a big hill to climb.
just for the record:
What I said on my lj had nothing to do with any political motives or whatever my thoughts are on the Catholic church as a religion.

And thinking that its all just one political move on what pope will be chosen is a mistake (in how i see it)

The only thing that is important in religion (in any religion) is that its leaders lead in the spirit of that religion.

Faith isnt a democracy, its a personal believe that is way bigger then politics, its not about making up new laws or making descisions based on what the majority thinks , all that matter is is it by the rules of the bible (or any other holy book)

And no its not my religion but for those people that it is i dont think its right to mock it just because you dont agree with it ,i think if it was about my religion i would also like the respect from others about it.

but thats just me :)
The only thing that is important in religion (in any religion) is that its leaders lead in the spirit of that religion.

Very well put.
Well, being a (somewhat lapsed) Roman Catholic myself, I am surprised that people are getting all bent outta shape over this new guy. As others have commented, just because he was one way when he was JP2's "doctrinal enforcer" does not mean he will be that way now that he's Pope. I'm willing to wait and see what he does before I go spouting off. Mind you, JP2's stance on some things didn't sit right with me, but I never ranted madly about those. Guess I'm too much about peace, love and understandin'. <g>
Guess I'm too much about peace, love and understandin'.

Oh yeah, chica. You're just a lovebug all the way ;)
Well I've never considered myself from the left, I'm a Roman Catholic and I'm not too much into Benedictus XVI and neither was I a big fan of Giovanni Paolo II. It's not about politics or choices for we do not have a vote but it's the fact that the last Pope may have been 'near' the youth but his opinions were quite conservative and at the rate that Benedictus XVI is going? It looks rather the same, we shall improve on the 'international' relationships but we won't look in what does affect our own Christians, the fact that they're way too close minded; the fact that Christ was a revolutionaire and they're way too conservative, they're not moving at the same rate as the world and they're falling behind.

Of course he could change, but the man was known for his 'no's so I don't see how that will change much. We will wait and see but not all of us Roman Catholics have to like the election, I am not really convinced even more when they say that his election was to be one of 'transition' because the last Pope had been many years and since this one is older they actually don't expect him to live much.

I personally would have found more adequate to choose a latinoamerican or SouthAfrican so they were nearer to certain problems in society that many do not remember in their 'rich' places. Me waiting and seeing if there will be change or not doesn't mean I will not rant about me not liking what he does and such, since I have every intention of writing what I feel like and if I don't get good vibes is not something I'm going to deny ;)