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There's no mistaking it... I really haven't been online lately as much as usual. Update time.

My refund still hasn't arrived. Grr.

Today mom, aunt, cousin and I went to Amanda's bridal shower. For those who haven't been following along at home, Amanda and my (step-)cousin Sean are getting married in May, and I'm a bridesmaid. Actually I'm the bridesmaid, since the only other girl in the wedding party (besides Amanda) is Krista, her maid of honor. Or I guess she's the matron of honor, since she's married. Met her for the first time today; she hosted the shower. Very very nice gal, very bubbly. I can see how she and Amanda have become friends. It's kind of weird... Amanda has this big family -- a great-grandmother, grandmother, great-aunts, cousins, half-siblings and of course her mother -- and it felt like they were all there today! From our side of the family it was, well, me, mom, my aunt, Shelby and two family friends who came with us.

Amanda gave me some clothes that no longer fit her, most of which don't even look worn. Woo, free clothes!

*watches people freak out on Price is Right*

So my muse has actually started talking to me again lately... and not about fanfic.


No, really. It's a story about robots and an isolationist cult and weird stuff and of course ship and has nothing to do with Jack, Sam, Sheppard, McKay, Batman, Wonder Woman, or any other previously established characters! Of course, my muse is a pervert and generally only talks to me when I'm in the shower, but I hope to be inspired tomorrow as I have the entire day off.

Oh, and we got a Panasonic DVR.

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