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Quick notes on television.

Alias: Aww. And heheh. I knew the solitary "A" was up to no good. Too obscure.

Revelations Part 1: Bill! All in all, good stuff. As a Christian I do not feel insulted ;)

Survivor: Hee. Wank.

Apprentice: Hee. Wank also.

E.R. Repeats, bah.

Me: To bed.
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Well I have to admit... I'm not exactly an expert on scripture. So it's completely possible that they're getting stuff 'wrong' as it's textually laid out in the book itself (heard complaints about the 'Jesus coming back as a baby' thing). But the powers that be of this show have come out and said that they are going after the audience who saw Passion of the Christ and read the Left Behind books and the DaVinci Code -- people with an interest in the human interest side of things theological. So it would make no sense in all in making this show somehow anti-Christian and driving people again.

Are you still looking for a copy? I can point you towards there I got my torrent.

Hmm... I wonder how hard it would be to get a Bill Pullman/Revelations icon...