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Have you guys seen the trailer for the Fantastic 4 movie? Looks pretty interesting, actually, and I know nothing about that particular comic. Other than there being four of them ;)
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I've had bad vibes about the F4 movie ever since I heard about it for some reason. To be fair, I barely followed the comic, but I did love Doctor Doom (the main villain), and it looks like they really ruined his character for the movie (all they seem to have kept is the name). Also, The Thing's "It's Clobberin' Time" in the trailer just falls flat for me, and a lot of the scenes in that trailer look like rip-offs of the two Spidey films done so far. But who knows? After all, don't judge a movie by it's trailer! ;)
I guess it helps when you know zip-o about it going in. I'm going to be a monster about the inevitable changes in the new Bats movie ;D
I don't mind changes (just ask varyar, I'm a PJ apologist for LOTR, LOL). As long as the changes make sense or serve a purpose or don't change the core of characters or alter the themes of something. F4 looks like they changed it all just to look up to date and left the heart and core behind. But who knows.... ;) Batman Begins I'm looking forward to because it looks like Frank Miller's Year One come to life (at least the Gotham stuff).

I can't wait for the F4 movie!!!!!!

It has michael chiklis in it (the thing) and her from dark angel and him from nip/tuck *squees*
and I'm going to see it as soon as it comes out here heh :)