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Spring 2003 analysis

Tomorrow is Friday. Yay :)

I have to say, all things considered this week went by pretty slowly. I'm sure things will pick up as the semester progresses - they always do - but the first couple weeks always drag.

As part of my promise to my family to not become a total hermit, I went out with some people from building to the Old Spaghetti Factory for dinner. The service was pretty horrible. The people were okay - a bit wrapped up in themselves - but we had some laughs and at least got some face time with each other. I was the only person from the first floor there, so it's altogether likely that I'll never see any of those people again... but so be it. I have leftover spaghetti.

I'm really liking my Earth Systems Science class so far. Today in lab we practiced making observations with a toilet paper roll, tin foil, duct tape, and string. And no, we didn't MacGyver a bomb, but I did think about it. The prof is a pretty fun guy, it seems, and he's really into the subject. Nothing worse than a 3-times-a-week class with a bored instructor.

My Spanish professor, on the other hand, is a little scary. The second semester of the class is definitely more demanding, more on-the-spot, but it doesn't seem like it's going to move at a terribly-faster pace. Even better - even though it cuts into instruction time - is the fact that she doesn't like labs. So, no spanish lab, which leaves me only one class on Tuesday and Thursday. Time which will soon be taken up with fieldwork and work-work, no doubt, but it's nice.

Intro to Education is my only Tuesday class, and it's three hours long. Usually this is pushing even a college student's legendary attention span, but it's a good group of people (we even had a few snide remarks towards GrayOut Davis) and it's run by another enthusiastic prof with a slight saliva problem and an interesting-shaped skull. And this is the first class ever where I've played a 'name game' that was actually interesting. We typically have to do 30 hours of fieldwork, but since the prof is such a nice guy, those of us who took CURR 87 (60 hours of fw) only have to do 15. Yay us. I had a nightmare that I got put back in Seesing's class. Maybe tonight I'll have a happy dream about killing him.


Let's see... the last class is my evening Monday-Wednesday that cut into watching Meta yesterday :( Two hours long, Elementary Mathematical Concepts. It's an education class but there's an interesting mix of people... math whizzes to people who failed the placement exam and had to take MATH 3. Seems like some pretty straightforward note-taking and problem-solving. And the prof is a youngish high school teacher which always lessens the possibility that she's on a I Am Your Professor and You Shall Have No Other Professors Before Me kind of high-horse.

So all in all? I'm wondering if I should have tried to fit 3 more units into my schedule. 15 just seems like so little. But I know once I get into the swing of things, I'll be thanking my lucky stars that I have such a (seemingly) light load.

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