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So the other day I met with my doc about pumping up the dosage of the Rx I'm on -- it's been working, but not 100%. So she writes me a new Rx for the 25mg dose as opposed to the 12.5 I've been taking. I go to the pharmacy at Raleys only to find out that that dosage is on backorder because of a manufacturer's shortage. But they tell me that they'll get together with my doctor and insurance and figure something out. That was early Monday, today was Tuesday... haven't heard from them. And I wouldn't be so annoyed except I'm down to two pills, and I don't want to have to buy another month of the 12.5.


The list has calmed down (thank you, Amanda) except for the odd folk coming to the party late and thinking there are still hors d'oeuvres. Or something like that. As folks have said, 1) there's a difference between your website and your journal and 2) my responsibilities as a moderator do not exempt me from my personal opinions that some people's personalities would be improved by a lobotomy. And as my own personal 3): snerk.

Felt very proud of myself -- actually worked on my summary sheets today, which are due Thursday. Yes, Thursday, back to the grind... back to my twice-weekly trips to Stockton, weekly gas refills, and the glamour of homework. Until early May, at least. Then I'm off for the summer. Yeehaw.

I'm still searching for that ever-elusive Atlantis plotty-plot. And I keep looking for excuses for my failure to find one I can really sink my teeth into. Is it because the Wraith have no connection to mythology, ala the Goa'uld, and therefore I can't come up with a story just by opening a book about Greek gods? Is it because the first season was very much an arc, with relatively few MotW stories? Is it because we've seen less of the characters really relating to each other this season (at least compared to my first fully season - 4 - involved with Stargate)? Is it because I'm trying to write something that's not ship-focused, or because there's nothing in season one that I feel the writers really left out, and therefore nothing I feel the need to write in? I wish I could say. But the real reason is probably that I'm trying too hard. And then I get annoyed and frustrated and go take a nap. Naps are seriously fantastic things.

So... they're in another galaxy. And they need a ZPM, and they're going to different planets hoping that the Ancients left one around somewhere. Some of these planets are known to Teyla and the Athosians, and some aren't. There are relatively primitive cultures and more advanced ones like the Genii, who have pretty much decided to be a pain in the ass whenever possible. There's the whole big city, much of which is unexplored early in the season, and the mainland, which has all kinds of possibilities for weirdness and danger. There's unpredictable smarter-than-it's-own-good Ancient technology. Obviously there's the Wraith. Too bad the Wraith don't really have a personality. They're just hungry. They're nasty bastards, but there's nothing - that we've seen so far - that's personal. It's just a food thing. I guess that takes some of the fun out of it. They're not going to keep you around and torture you or play psychological games... they're going to freeze-dry you for later or just eat you while you're still warm. They're locusts.

Well that was unproductive, but easier than I thought it would be.

Watched Down with Love tonight. Kind of cute. Extremely silly. Not all good-silly, either. Silly-silly.

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