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New layout!

Decided to go Shep/Teyla this time, on account of the prettiness :D

I have to say (and I was thinking about this because of anr's poll) that at this point my loyalty is still with McKay/Weir because while S/T has the spunk, Rod and Liz are just fun.

*pokes her mood icon and giggles*
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You know, I feel so stupid... I saved it but didn't mark down who actually made it. I should go back through the possibilities and try to figure it out. Credit when due and all that.
Rodney/Elizabeth is definitely fun. *g*

And quite cute in The Storm and The Eye.
Aren't they though?

I get a kick out of the alpha female being 'protected' by the beta male who thinks he's the alpha.
Rod and Liz are just fun.

No argument from me... but *please* don't call him Rod. ;-)