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So I actually want to write some SGA fic. Something gen or just mild UST between acceptable pairings, with a plot, and maybe even some action.

Would help if I had some ideas.

I wrote a supershort asbsolutely useless piece of PG13 (yes, I'm using your ratings system you ***damn bastards!) Shep/Teyla fluffaroo just to get that out of my system. But, sadly, it didn't lead to anything more stimulating.

I have to echo seldear's question from earlier -- are there any actual stories to be told in SGA fic, or is is just about the relationships? Do people actually find the characters so fascinating that they have to develop them through interpersonal interaction (doubt it)? Do they just want to read/write about Hot Lovin' in Pegasus because these are reasonably pretty people (far more likely)? Is it because there are so few springboards for genfic that have been presented to us? Because I can't believe that's it. This is a whole new galaxy with the threat of the Wraith, the threat of the Genii, the ongoing search for ZPMs and apparently T-Rexes. But I guess stuff like that actually takes thinking and planning, whereas the authors own Sheplust and/or Rodneylust just needs to be analyzed and properly translated into verbage.

Not that I'm insulting anyone in particular, or even in general, unless that general includes myself, considering I just wrote supershort useless ST fluff for my own amusement and notsoshort somewhatuseful MW fluff for the zine. (Although I so do not have Rodneylust.) It's 130am and I'm coming down off a caffeine buzz and I'm frustrated that I want to write and can't. Bwah.

Don't mind me.

UPDATE: omg. Shep's expression in my mood icon? So completely how I feel. It's scary.

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