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So I actually want to write some SGA fic. Something gen or just mild UST between acceptable pairings, with a plot, and maybe even some action.

Would help if I had some ideas.

I wrote a supershort asbsolutely useless piece of PG13 (yes, I'm using your ratings system you ***damn bastards!) Shep/Teyla fluffaroo just to get that out of my system. But, sadly, it didn't lead to anything more stimulating.

I have to echo seldear's question from earlier -- are there any actual stories to be told in SGA fic, or is is just about the relationships? Do people actually find the characters so fascinating that they have to develop them through interpersonal interaction (doubt it)? Do they just want to read/write about Hot Lovin' in Pegasus because these are reasonably pretty people (far more likely)? Is it because there are so few springboards for genfic that have been presented to us? Because I can't believe that's it. This is a whole new galaxy with the threat of the Wraith, the threat of the Genii, the ongoing search for ZPMs and apparently T-Rexes. But I guess stuff like that actually takes thinking and planning, whereas the authors own Sheplust and/or Rodneylust just needs to be analyzed and properly translated into verbage.

Not that I'm insulting anyone in particular, or even in general, unless that general includes myself, considering I just wrote supershort useless ST fluff for my own amusement and notsoshort somewhatuseful MW fluff for the zine. (Although I so do not have Rodneylust.) It's 130am and I'm coming down off a caffeine buzz and I'm frustrated that I want to write and can't. Bwah.

Don't mind me.

UPDATE: omg. Shep's expression in my mood icon? So completely how I feel. It's scary.
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I have to agree with you, Alli. I've noticed there is a very big lack of anything of a decent length with a decent plot. But there isn't actually that much Atlantis fic about yet. And in any fandom, there's always more fluff and short pieces than anything else, so I'm thinking it's because the whole fandom is new... at least I hope that's it.
Granted, I wasn't in the fandom at the start of SG-1, but I'm sure that people had already started writing the action-adventure stuff at that point.

And, I have to admit that half the fun of writing The First True Big Gen Teamfic of SGA would be to set the standard and watch the copycats flail around for months afterwards trying to turn the Hot Lovin' stories into Stories With Plot.

But I'm mean and nasty and evil and competitive that way. *g*
And the world will be a better place if we all have your fics as our standard :) Write, please.
Granted, I wasn't in the fandom at the start of SG-1, but I'm sure that people had already started writing the action-adventure stuff at that point.

Actually, no. I was around from the very beginning of the fandom - I started looking for fics around the start of season 2 - and at that point there was a hell of a lot less fic around for SG1 than there currently is for Atlantis. At that stage we felt honoured if we got more than two posts per week on samandjack (ask anr and pixiesio, they were there too), sgfic was so quiet it allowed onlist feedback and general chatter, and although I remember some very long Dannywhumping H/C fics at the time, I honestly can't remember anything that would qualify as a Big Gen Teamfic. But I suppose the only way to check definitively would be to hunt through the sgfic archives.

And go on... you write the The First True Big Gen Teamfic of SGA - you know you want to.
(talking to myself...first sign of madness, you know. ;-))

if we got more than two posts per week on samandjack

Anyway, what I meant to say, was "two story posts a week."
Well, Hubby and I keep on coming up with Pegasus plots, and most of them have a reason to exist other than Shep/Teyla sparkage. (Most, but not all. At least one is literally about sparks...)

I have no experience with a fandom so new. Perhaps once we're out of new eps for a few months, our creativity will be stretched. As for my muse, I don't think she'll ever really commit to Atlantis as long as there are new Stargate eps. (And as long as there are so many S/J WiPs lurking around my harddrive.) *sigh*
(Although I so do not have Rodneylust.)

Suuuuuuuuuuuuuuure ya don't. ;)

As for the rest of it...I dunno. For myself, I'd like to think I could write stuff other than 'ship (which includes friendship for me), and sometimes I do, but right now I'm liking the stories that the SGA show writers are coming up with and don't feel the need to come up with anything gen/action-adventure.