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I have made a Jack and Shep banner.

It's insanely plain, but I like the color and, hey, the subject matter isn't too shabby either. If anyone wants, please give it a good home.

UPDATE: Okay, it's addictive. I made more. Teyla this time -- two by herself, one with Shep, and one with McKay (not for ship reasons or anything, just because I like their expressions).

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Oooh, the one with Teyla and the candle is really pretty. I think I know what you mean about the McKay one, too. It's a lovely picture. It just tugs the heart strings.

I think I'm ready to actually go through the trouble of reformatting my LJ for one of these pretty banners. I can't decide between the Teyla/candle and Shep/Teyla, but Shep looks so sad. Perhaps if you ever make one with the scene from The Gift where her head's almost on his chest... :D I'd love that ;)
Head on chest -- okay, I have to admit, I'm totally blanking on that one *g*

And if you want, I will totally help you do the formatting stuff.
The one of Teyla and Shep is very evocative...there's a fic there somewhere, I'm sure! And yes...probably a relationship one. :-)
Maybe...I mean, they do go to other planets, but it's because they *have* to, it's not because they're explorer's and all. They're just trying to find that elusive zpm and get home.
But they would never even have come to Atlantis in the first place if they weren't explorers :D
I'm sure they would be if there wasn't the problem of being snacked on by the wraith ;)