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In a nation built upon a foundation of slavery, framed with the 2x4's of racism, and rooved with the shingles of Jim Crow, racial profiling is nothing new. In its most common form, it occurs every time a speeding black man is pulled over and forced to suffer the humiliation of a traffic citation, or whenever a knife-wielding man of Arabic descent is yanked out of line at airport security and given a stern talking to. But as we've witnessed in Atlanta, a darker, more insidious form of profiling exists in which police use race as a major factor in describing and apprehending suspects. And as statistics show, it's not an isolated incident, but a widespread epidemic.

According to a recent ACLU study conducted in ten major U.S. cities, authorities focus their efforts on apprehending a "black male" in 99.9% of all instances in which a black male was seen committing the crime. In contrast, numbers concerning crimes committed by white males are significantly lower, as such cases typically go unprosecuted and are often rewarded with huge cash prizes. This would, of course, account for the disproportionate population of black males within our prison system.

It's funny because it's true.
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