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The Gift

Eek, I hope this is a--

Oh good, nightmare.

Cute jammies!

Aww, she goes right to Sh-- eek!

Whew. The cute jammies were all a dream. Or were they?


More sticks... and Teyla's not in top form today. I think Shep is enjoying this. Ouch.

Aw, concern. And a hand-up.

(You know, I'm actually not trying to ship these two or anything. It just happens.)

Okay, back to the arc. Bad guys coming. Nerd tug-of-war. *sniggers*

Lizzie always looks like she needs some Chapstick.

Ack! Ponytail! And he's a weenie, too.

Everyone looks irked. I love this show.

Okay, where the heck did blondie come from? I think Teyla's wondering the same thing.

They brought a shrink, and they didn't bring Chapstick? What's wrong with these people?

Uhoh. She's gonna be pissed at Shep. *giggles* Where are those sticks when you need them!

Interesting decor...

*laughs at McKay* Somehow... I'm skeptical. Very skeptical.

I was starting to wonder if those earpiece things were permanently stuck in their ears.

Eek. Teyla Wraith. And psychobabble. Yippity yap.

"I've seen you fight, my dear." *chuckles*

Hey, they've made a nice little camp there haven't they?

What is this, her mother? "You never come to visit! Why don't you call more often?"

Hmm... a sneaky secret. Do tell.


Lizzie has really really big eyes.

Hm, nice creepy planet you got there.

*howls at Ford being immature*

Uhoh. Vanishing through solid rock is never a good thing-- Whew. There she is.

Looks Wraithy. So Shep and the others have the Ancient gene, and Teyla has a Wraith gene? Tres freaky.

Hey, is Lizzie actually going to do something constructive? You go girl.

*sniffles for scaredTeyla*

Hey, the chair! I missed the chair!

"Pay up!"

Ha. Lizzie is Daniel and Hammond's love child, see? She commands! She translates! She's amaaaazing!

Ha, I was right. Kinda.

"Hey, I thought we weren't going to mention that anymore."

*laughs at Lizzie and Rodney banter*

Teyla's a radio!

*gets hypnotized*

Come on, Lizzie. Give Teyla some credit.

Take two --

Okay, that's odd.

So, how's that Alpha Site working out for you...

Hey, Ford. I totally forgot about him.

Oh Lord. Bates and Kavanaugh should go get married. They're both wankers.

Uhoh, crazy Teyla! And mean nasty Bates.

Ooh. The Wraith want Earth. It's like an all-you-can-eat-buffet.

LOL.. the look on Shep's face at the end is like: "So they're not just trying to eat us, they want to eat Earth as well. Now it's personal."

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