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Letters from Pegasus

Figured it was going to be a clip show. The credits kinda confirm that.

Heehee, Rodney got all flustered when Lizzie mentioned sending a letter to someone back home.

Hey, Teyla's hair looks much better this week. And she gets to have some angsty bits. And tension with Shep. Yay for character development!

"Who do you wish was here?"
"Nobody! I wish I wasn't bloody here!"

Heh. Carson is funny, but I hope he whines less next season.

*sniffles for him*

*listens to Zalenka babble* I hope this letter's not going to his grandmother. "Security clearance?" LOL.

Aw, he has a little brother.

I think it's pretty easy for McKay to talk for an hour. "There is gold in here." Heheh, he wore his BDUs.

*dies laughing* Ham! And cheeeeeese!

You know the thing about curiousity and the cat? Don't get killed, Sheppy!

Dude, Rodney is a pessimist. With a fathead. Yet I love him.

Aww, Lizzie's doing "I regret to inform you" letters. I like her for that.

*laughs at the little Asian scientist*

"The torch is still burning." *cackles* "Not a night that goes by..." Ewwww!

Uhoh... didn't Shep close the door? Can Ugly see it?

Uh, not this guy. What an ass.

Ok, the ship sounds and the screaming -- creepy stuff.

Aww, Rodney lost a puppy when he was little. But his kitty loves him!

Leadership. Snerk.

Good music in this ep.

Aw, nice smile when she saw Shep.

*laughs* Woo, Teyla has spunk. I love that "then go". Not to mention how she talks him into doing things he doesn't want to *g*

Ack! Weenie! Stick the Geneva Convention up your butt.

Sis named Jeanie, aw. He's gonna get all mushy...

Yay, here comes the dude! Uhoh, there's a whole lot of them.

Mmm agitated Shep is just yummy.

Hey, her hair's shorter now. Isn't it? Orin must be a barber.

Aw, he's doing Sumner's. That's sweet.

Aww again... poor old Simon. He needs more security clearance.

*sniffles for all of them*

Sam! Whee! I hope she got paid tons of money for twenty seconds and one word *g*

Okay, that was really good. Sel, watch this one too.

Going to go ahead and try to download The Gift now. I'm just impatient like that.

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