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It's not a hot tub, but...

Okay, so GateWorld has confirmed that production is back on for the folks at Bridge.

I'd really like to send another little something, such as a cheerful boquet. With the dannyranters back in bitch mode, I think it'd be nice just to say thanks for eight fun years, or for this season in particular, or Reckoning/Threads/Moebius in particular particular. You know, whatever. ;)

In other words, it's time - once again - again to hit you all up for cash! No, actually I'm just trying to get an idea of who would like to contribute to the pot. No need to break the bank... I'm thinking between $10-$20, through PayPal, preferably, or check.

So in the field below, just give the amount you think you can contribute, and the optimial payment method. I don't have a goal in mind, or even a particular arrangement; we'll figure that out later depending on how many folks take part. And based on this list I can make a custom friends group for those of us who are interested.

How much would you like to donate ($10-$20)?

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What's a DannyRanter? I've heard one person's POV on it..aka..having that term slung at her for liking Daniel, but other that...what's your definition?
Re: Question...
Dannyranter: Dan*ny*rant*er (verb) A fan of Daniel Jackson exhibiting one or more of the following traits: (1) obsession for counting Daniel's minutes onscreen (2) vociferous bitching and name-calling towards TPTBs when said minute-count is not high enough (3) the assumption that Daniel and Jack are the main characters of Stargate and all others are supporting characters (4) in some other way believing that the world revolves about Daniel Jackson and verbally abusing those who disagree.
Synonyms: Danny freak, toe, Sam-hating-*****
Usage:[There are a lot of Dannyranters over at OurStargate.]