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Good news: Wrote two pages tonight!

Bad news: There are still many pages to go...

Update: And check out the kick-ass Rodney/Lizzie icon I got from emesque. You know, it's weird. Usually I have to really see a pairing and love the characters before I can write ship for them. The story I'm writing now is more of an... experiment, I guess. But I find that the more that I write and embrace the snark!love, the more Lizzie (still not a fave) grows on me, and the more snuggly they look.

I have to say, while I am a shipwhore, I think the interesting thing about Atlantis right now is that you can pretty much (note: pretty much. I do have some standards) pair up anyone and if you can make a case for it, it can work. Basically the characters just bitch at each other (and occassionally beat on each other), and you are free to interpret that as UST... or that they just like to bitch ;)

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