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Oh hell, why not

Where was I...

... when John F. Kennedy was shot? (11/22/1963)

Not born.

... when Mt. St. Helens blew? (5/18/1980)

Still not born.

... when the space shuttle Challenger exploded? (1/28/1986)

Don't remember. Probably at my grandmother's. I remember my dad watching it later, though (he taped the launch).

... when the 7.1 earthquake hit San Francisco? (10/7/1989)

In the kitchen, eating dinner. My mom was in the living room watching the World Series and ran into the doorway when the blinds started doing the mambo. Considering I was 7 at the time, it was pretty cool.

... when the Berlin Wall fell? (11/7/1989)

Don't remember... wish I did.

... when the Gulf War began? (1/16/1991)

No specifics, although I have clear memories of watching TV, seeing all those weird green pictures, the tanks and the bright lights.

... when OJ Simpson was chased in his White Bronco? (6/17/1994)

My living room. I seem to remember we'd been shampooing the carpet. I had to have someone tell me who the hell OJ Simpson was.

... when the building in Oklahoma City was bombed? (4/19/1995)

Don't remember.

... when Princess Di was killed? (8/31/1997)

Don't remember exactly. I did know who she was, though.

... when Bush was first announced President? (11/7/2000)

When he was first announced? Was that before or after Algore conceeded and then changed his mind? ;) In any case, I was in my dorm room smirking *eg*

... when the 6.8 earthquake hit Nisqually, WA? (2/28/2001)

Class, probably, but I saw it on the news that night.

... when terrorists knocked over the World Trade Center? (9/11/2001)

Sleeping. My roomie had spent the night in her bf's dorm, and she called her own phone and yelled at me, via her answering machine, to get up, that something had happened. I remember my first thought was that there had been some kind of toxic spill or explosion and they were evacuating the area. I stumbled out of bed, grabbed the phone... don't remember what she said besides "turn on the TV". Turned on the TV. Called my parents. Tried to get ahold of friends in the DC area. Sat on my bed and watched the news all day. Got really pissed off at people strolling around outside, laughing and talking like nothing had happened. Didn't really cry until months later when I heard Alan Jackson's "Where Were You" on the car radio. Had to pull over to the side of the road and get it out of my system.

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