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Drabble again

Geeze. I got all the way into my PJs before this one ambushed me in the bathroom.


She knew when she married Charlie that this day might come.

That it would.

So the tears fall, but gently. The other wives are bolstered by her bravery. She still goes to work, hurrying through warm rain from her car to the building.

(He left that morning with a quick kiss. "Something's screwed up. We have to fix it.")

She makes her rounds. Diagnoses. Prescribes. Smiles at recovery. Embraces a family whose child died during the night. Then sits alone in the bathroom as the tears fall again. Violently.

(You can't save them all, Janet.)

(You can't fix everything, Charlie.)

*dances the dance of the smooshy goofball*
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