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I can't believe I haven't seen any Moebius 2 shipfic yet. People suck!

Ahem. Anyway. M2 drabble, because I don't have the time or energy for anything longer.


The sun has set but the Earth still holds onto the heat of the day. They sit in the warm sand under the dark sky and talk about the people they once were.

Actually, she asks questions and Daniel answers them; Jack throws out sarcastic barbs where (in)appropriate. Teal'c is silent, content with his own thoughts.

It hurts her to think about how much he's given up; her thoughts always turn to how much all of them have lost. Forever.

Jack sits beside her. Their hands touch in the sand, in the dark.

She thinks about how much she's gained.

(Yeah, it's smoosh. Sue me.)
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LOL! It's OK. I have other things to make my evening fun. So neernie neernie neer! *pokes tongue out*