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Go fig.

I've been looking over my webstats. The most-accessed fic file is Fireflies, probably because it's nommed. Was bored, so I reread it for the first time since posting.

If you've read Koontz's The Face or Chris Pike's The Immortal, you know how much I stole from those fine authors. It's not great, but there are a couple turns of phrase I kind of like and the pacing is okay. So overall it's not bad. Well, besides the character death part.

I swear I'm not self-pimping. You have to understand that this is kind of a big thing for me, 'cause usually about six months after writing a story I fully detest it. Maybe this is a sign. Of what, I don't know, but it seems signy.


[ ] Laundry
[ ] Lesson plan for CURR 130x
[ ] Finish Citizen Joe review
[ ] Work on zinefic
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