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JLU: The Doomsday Sanction

The animation wasn't quite up to standards this week, I thought, and there was no ship to speak of... but story-wise I think this is one of the best since the show was "reimagined". Not everybody got to talk, but at least we saw the core group together again. Interesting that Shayera was included at the beginning powwow but not the end.

Kind of scary that it seems Bruce is coming to agree with Waller, or at least see where she's coming from. I definitely feel for Diana -- that sad look at the end... sigh -- even though his distrust wasn't specifically aimed at her. Still, I have to admit... Supes did seem kind of Lordly there with his sending you to a different universe machine.

I really like how they harkened back to A Better World witht this one... nice to see that they haven't completely forgotten what the show used to be.

And they're seriously getting into a storyarc. I love it. Ship, angst between principles, conflict with the Big Three, conspiracy, the core group together again in some capacity...

Still not hot on the changes between JL and JLU. But it's not all bad.

And according to the folks at the forums, it's been renewed for a fifth season.

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