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Moebius part 1

*cracks up*

Okay, as a time travel episode... it was eh. I mean, if you can go into the past, why not go all the way back to when there were Ancients and ask them for a ZPM? Sure, there's still the possibility of messing up the future, but that's going to exist no matter what. I have to say it was pretty silly of them to think that they could do what they did without messing up somewhere.

I can understand why there hasn't been a whole lot of posting about this episode. We really do have to see where they go from here before passing much judgment on the story itself. I'm 99.9% sure that we're going to get the original team back without too much of a reset, especially with a ninth season to go... but I'm withholding that .1% because writers are evil evil creatures and are not to be trusted.

But oh my God, Dork!Sam was hilarious. And Dork!Daniel was... amusing, actually. As was crankyMinnesota!Jack. And moustachy Davis. And skinny Hammond. And slimeball McKay. And pasty Simmons.


The only thing I don't like about the setup for this episode is that it doesn't leave much time or room or anything for real character development of our characters. And that's a major priority in my book.

Things that jumped out:

- The reproductive line snerk. Heh. Okay Amanda. You got to have "a boyfriend who doesn't die" and mockage of that line. Now let's burn the blue dress and be done with it.

- Okay, even before the Stargate was found - or at least of interest to the military - the silo underneath Cheyenne Mountain was in place. But doesn't it seem kind of odd that it would be so developed... so, well, familiar looking? Hell, in the Stargate movie it looked like a sewer system. It would have made a lot more sense if they'd had the CMC scenes taking place on different sets, ones we were to understand were in the complex rather than underneath it. But hey, these things cost money.

- Dork!Daniel says something about one of the engravings seeming like it had been written by someone who knew his research... or something like that. A throwaway line? I think not. We also know that the rebellion happened five years after SG1 arrived in the past, and that instead of the slaves burying the Gate Ra took it with him. So one has to ask how the team was involved with that. Because it seems like it wasn't the leaving of the time ship that changed the future... it was whatever happened to make Ra stop and pack before leaving. If that makes any sense.

So when do we get to read fanfic about Sam and Jack marooned in ancient Egypt while Daniel drools over (not so ancient) artifacts and Teal'c plots ways to knock off false gods so that no one will notice?

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