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On page four of my zine-fic, which is actually going to be Atlantis-fic. Tere knows all about it, because she was completely awesome the other night and helped me plot it out.

Usually I sit down and pound a story out in one go, making plot decisions on the fly, and then go back and tweak later once I've gained some perspective. But it's been a while since I've written something non-DCU so I guess I'm allowed to ease back into it. I have the first scene's dialogue written; now I'm going back and filling in narration and "background noise": characters' expressions and gestures, thoughts, the things that keep it from reading like a screenplay. By the time I'm done with filler the first scene alone - which is really just two characters talking in the mess - will be about five pages. Which is kind of scary, considering that it only constitutes about 1/12 of my total outline. I blame my long-windedness on the fact that I've been reading nothing but L.M. Montgomery books for the last few weeks. But I'm on the last Emily novel so the madness should pass fairly soon.

In any case, I can always go back later and trim. I wish I'd gotten inspired to write earlier, but you can't rush the muses. And I do have Presidents' Day (2/21) off, so that's good.

I did start another fic - an SG1 fic - but it's not really a story... mostly just a vehicle to figure out the whole Jack/Sam/Pete thing from Sam's point of view. I think it could be interesting, but the thought processes involved are very elusive. You know how sometimes you "think out" an especially good line, but by the time you get a chance to write it down it's gone? With this story it's like it's gone almost as soon as I think it! And the useable little snatches come at the most inconvenient times.

By the way... would anyone like to make me a good Weir/McKay icon? I have this one *points* but it's so lame. And so many of you are so amazingly talented. *flatters*

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