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Called in sick to work today -- I was only scheduled for three hours anyway, so it's hardly worth it. Mom wants me to come with her to our hair appointment (which I was going to have to skip if I'd been working anyway) but I'm really not in the mood. Getting a haircut in this family is an all-day thing, because my aunt and cousin come too, and everyone talks and talks, and then we go out for dinner afterwards and... I just don't have that much energy. 'Specially considering I have such a big day tomorrow (fieldwork in the morning and class in the evening) I'd really rather just take it easy today, sleep, finish up some homework... did I mention sleep?

I haven't heard anything from my group members for my Thursday class. We have a little presentation to do in a couple weeks which, normally, would not be a big deal and could be organized and finished up in a couple of emails. But this class I'm taking has a lot of education newbies in it... either multiple-subject freshmen or single-subject upperclassmen who have maybe only taken one or two ed classes before this one. And here I am, having graduated and basically just finishing up my credential. I really should just take charge and tell everyone what to do, but I can't be assed. Let them panic over it for a little while longer. It builds character.

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