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So I took some Excedrin about six hours ago and I'm still wide awake. Found a rather recent interview with JLU writer/producer Dwayne McDuffie that had some interesting stuff in it (here's the whole thing, scroll down to "Justice for All"). Basically they're going to continue with the conspiracy angle, bring back Amanda Waller (from 'Ultimatum'), and "touch on" "the Batman/Wonder Woman romance" a few more times.
"I think people are interested in seeing where it goes."

Ya think?

He maintains that Flash is still around and doesn't really give an excuse as to his absence. As for other "not appearings", it looks like they're unable to bring in any of the B:TAS characters because of the stupid new "The Batman" cartoon. Suckage. On the other hand, it leaves us available to do whatever we want with them without having to deal with PTBs ;)

He also talks about The Once and Future Thing, which should be airing the weekend after next:
"[It's] a really, really fun story that's going to surprise a lot of people. A couple of major revelations for our characters and several guest shots that we couldn't have done any other way. It really is an apocalyptic season finale. (And thats not a Jack Kirby pun.) I can tell you that the bad guy is Chronos and the League will be going to the old west and meeting a lot of the DC Comics western heroes, including Jonah Hex--"

Woo, I actually know who that is!
"--and (my favorite) Bat Lash, among others. They will also be going into the future of the DC animated universe. Batman from Batman Beyond will appear, as will Static (from the Static Shock animated series, which I co-created). Static's a pretty old guy at the time the episode occurs. And speaking of old guys, we'll also see... oops, almost gave too much away."

*bites nails*

Word on the street is that season four has 'unofficially' been greenlighted, and it's already being said that the S4 finale will be a four-parter.

Yay for story arcs!

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