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Regarding yesterday's financial meltdown...

Talked to mom and dad and I feel a little better about having the money, although not really better about where it's coming from. It's not something that I have to decide right away, but it looks like one option is for me to take one of the remaining 2-unit classes next semester (Fall 05) and wait to do my student teaching in Spring 06. That way we have more time to get the money together for that lovely 10-unit class, and I can work longer and put away more and also get my credit card bill paid down a bit further. Plus I remember something about how if you work for over a year you get some teeny weeny little bit of company stock. Hey, every bit helps. I still have to check with my advisor to make sure this would be okay, although I can't think of why it wouldn't be. I mean, what if I was an 'adult'/continuing student with a full time job and family besides? I'd have to do the program in little bits like this. In any case, taking some classes should mean I still won't have to stay paying back my student loans.

And I'm not alone in my money troubles... Jamie just left his job, and he has insurance payments to make and a speeding ticket to pay for.

Working 2:15 to 5pm. Not sure what the point of that is, but whatever ;)

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